Alyx – Cooking with Style

Alyx has been one of my lesser played characters recently, after having left her old guild Hybrid Theory, itself a new guild, after the leadership could’nt raid anymore causing the guild to disband.  So she’s been sitting guildless for a while.  Without a regular guild and with such few upgrades left from 10-man ICC she’s been on the back burner.  So I decided to nudge her forward in another direction and snag a quick achievement.  She’s been doing most of her cooking dailies, so i snagged her a Chef’s Hat for a few quick points.  I don’t actively push for achievements but try for them whenever the opportunity presents itself.  the next big push for my characters is coming up with Children’s Week.  So far all my characters are on track for the Long Strange Trip achievement and more importantly the violet proto-drake that comes with it.  However, I really dislike PVP so childrens week’s PVP achievements are going to kick my butt.  to eek out a few more achievement points, I have also prepared Great Feasts for all my characters so I can snag the Dinner Impossible achievement as well.

On my list of things to do is to get a screen shot addon so things don’t always look so messy.


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