The Achievement Hunter – Children’s Week Wrap Up

School of Hard Knocks Achievements

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

Children’s Week is over, thank god!  Its taken me a few days to get to writing this wrap up but I had a few things I wanted to try before I published the article, as I’ll explain below.  So how did Children’s Week go for me?  It was a mixed bag, I did achieve more than I expected but less than I hoped.  More, after the break.

The week started off at a good pace and I quickly knocked out the meta achievements for my main character Nemain in the first day, followed closely by Phryne.  However I had a few raids the next day and it slowed me down while working on Paia.  I noticed that the best time to do the PVP achievements, the hardest part of the holiday, was during peak times for fast queues and doing it early when more players needed the achievement.  While this might be counter intuitive when you first consider some of the achievements like capturing a tower in Alterac Valley, both factions were co-operating in the first few days, not killing the opposing side while that would capture and recapture the towers to let everyone get the achievement, something that did not happen after Wednesday.

In addition as my friend Samandirel pointed out, its easier to PVP when everyone is a N00b and not in full PVP gear as they are going for the achievement.  The image that came to mind when doing the Battlegrounds (BGs) was that of salmon swimming single-mindedly upstream with more experienced PVPers like Grizzly Bears just picking them off as they passed.

After finishing Nemain and Phryne, I switched approaches and spread out the achievements rather than concentrating on one character at a time.  But swapping between characters, I saved time by hearthing and using the Dalaran portal to get to the Orphan quest zones more quickly.  I would do a quest hearth and swap characters.  I also used the time between hearths to do my daily heroics and quests for the Daily Chores achievement.  I tried to use the daily quests in Dalaran so I minimized travel time.  The big sacrifice this week was skipping the Weekly Raid quest, Malygos Must Die, on several of my characters.  I prioritized getting it done on characters than still needed badges for T10 and then those that might need it for their secondary set.  The same held true for VOA with several toons missing out on those 4 extra badges.

By Mid-week it was getting very frustrating with no new characters getting the PVP achievements done after a long string of bad PVP losses.  The Alliance does not normally do well in BGs on my Battlegroup.  To compound problems I have been having internet connection issues, which are still not resolved, causing me to lose queues or disconnect completely during BGs and raids.  I took a long hard look at how much I had left and decided to be more picky about which characters should go for the achievements.  In the end I decided to work on my melee characters, especially Antagonist, as I thought it would be a hoot to have a 310% speed mount with Crusader Aura.  It would also be easier to complete some of the achievements like returning the Warsong Gulch flag as a melee character.

By Friday I had Antagonist done and finished Atropos as well.  I was now sitting on 5/10 characters done with the Meta Achievement, and the rest with everything done except for the School of Hard Knocks Achievement.  The Achievement pane for those last five looked pretty much like the screenshot above.  I figured I had a chance for maybe one or two more characters in me before the holiday ended.  But that was not to be.  I picked Kaysa next and that just seemed to go all wrong.  I never PVPed much with her except for the occasion Wintergrasp Battle and it showed.  I just felt so squishy and was being hammered like a whack-mole in the BGs.  I managed to get the achievements for Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin, but then hit a wall with Eye of the Storm and Warsong Gulch.

While Saturday should have been the home stretch sprint, I was completely burnt out, i was tired from changing my play times to get more PVP in during the peak hours and pissed because several of my regular PUGs fell through.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I tried a few games on Sunday, but by then, only a few truely desperate players like myself were trying for the achievements and the rest were hardcore PVPers that saw anyone with an orphan out as easy prey, and we were.

So Children’s Week ended without any further progress, but…I did notice that Orphan whistles did not poof when the holiday ended and like some holiday items would only disappear when maintenance rolled around on Tuesday.  So with some hope, I tried a BG with my orphan out and tested the theory.  After all there is nothing in the wording of the achievement that says it needs to be done during the holiday.  Alas, it didn’t work.  Even with the Orphan out it did not register the achievement.

So final tally:

Meta Achievement : Nemain, Phryne, Antagonist, Atropos, Paia

All Achievements except for School of Hard Knocks: Candrix, Glissa, Gaia, Kaysa, Alyx.

How did you do this Children’s Week?  Did you get everything you wanted out of it?  As a nice side effect a few of my characters made it to the 50 pet achievement as a result of the holiday so it was a nice bonus.


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