Maruk – Glyphing for Growing Arms Warriors

I had a sudden thought as I logged out on Maruk last night, what about glyphs.  Its been some time since I had to re-glyph a character and I had completely forgotten to do so for Maruk.  So I made a mental note and the first thing I did today was to log on to Maruk and buy some glyphs.  You get your first glyph slots (one major and one minor) at level 15 so I had really dropped the ball going twelve level without glyphs, a major oversight, kind of like not assigning talent points whenever you level.  Choices and decisons I made after the break.

There are several decent choices for glyphs as a growing warrior, so lets take a look.  To start off, glyphs for leveling are very different from the ones used at level 80 for raiding, so please don’t just blindly fill your glyph slots with the recommendations from those guides.  When glyphing the primary consideration will be whether you should glyph for soloing or for groups in dungeons.

Glyphs for soloing as an Arms Warrior

[Glyph of Heroic Strike] – A solid choice the rage return is not trivial at lower levels, the only concern is your relatively low crit chance when leveling.

[Glyph of Overpower] – Very useful, as overpower is one of the few instant attacks we have at lower levels, your parry chance won’t be very high so a 100% chance to use overpower when it does is a nice DPS increase.

[Glyph of Victory Rush] – Probably one of the best glyphs to use when grinding solo, A big crit upfront sets the tone for the fight and if you chain pull, the DPS increase becomes really noticeable.  Not a grouping glyph as the chance of getting the killing blow is greatly reduced and thus the value of the glyph accordingly.

Glyphs for grouping as an Arms Warrior

[Glyph of Cleaving] – Hitting 3 targets instead of 2 is huge, even at 80 it is one of the biggest DPS increases when doing heroics and trash mobs.  It doesn’t do much for most boss fights but at lower levels, its all about the trash.  The faster you clear trash the faster you finish a dungeon.

[Glyph of Rapid Charge] – You’ll find yourself rage staved at the lower levels.  The best way to start a fight is to wait for the tank to engage and then charge in giving yourself some rage.  If you find yourself waiting on the Charge cooldown between pulls, this would be a useful glyph.  Not a bad glyph for soloing but its less of a concern there as mobs will be beating on you giving you rage.

[Glyph of Resonating Power] – Meant for protection warriors, this glyph is still very useful for Arms warriors in the early levels.  Thunder Clap is one of two AoE abilities and it’s instant.  The slowing effect is also essential for slowing the flow of damage suffered by your group.  Cheaper Thunder Claps mean you can use it earlier or more often, as you’ll find the limiting factor to be rage not the cooldown.

[Glyph of Execution] – While it sounds confusing, this glyph basically makes your execute hit harder without reducing its mana cost.  It does enough damage at lower levels so not as helpful as it would initially appear.

[Glyph of Rending] – Its only a dps increase IF its runs the extra duration, at these levels, even on boss fights, this never happens, find a better use for the glyph slot.

[Glyph of Sweeping Strikes] – Sweeping strikes is an awesome talent which doubles your damage on a short cooldown (just 30 seconds.)   However at lower levels when rage is a concern, the 30 rage activation cost is hefty.  Reducing this cost to free makes it an easy button to push whenever the cooldown is up while facing two or more mobs.

Minor Glyphs

[Glyph of Battle] – Battle shouts are a pain to keep up in groups with its short two min timer and it feels like a waste using a Bloodrage just to precast it before a pull.  The extra two minutes just makes things more convenient.  Get into the habit of refreshing Battle Shout with your excess rage, after a pack has died.

[Glyph of Charge] – 5 more yards may not sound like much, but it helps when trying to use the skill before getting stuck in combat.  More useful for DPS at lower levels until you get the Juggernaut talent.

[Glyph of Bloodrage] – The damage from bloodrage isn’t that significant so this is more of a filler glyph.

[Glyph of Thunder Clap] – A nice glyph for AoE and worth a slot if you can spare it.

So which glyphs did I take?  I decided to glyph for grouping in dungeons as I have been lvling up that way for the most part.  So I used the Glyph of Cleaving and Glyph of Battle for my minor.  At 30 I will glyph either Resonating Power for cheaper Thunder Claps or Sweeping Strikes.

Update.  I hit 30 last night and just got the Sweeping Strikes talent.  As expected it was a very nice boost to DPS but I found the rage cost to be steep.  To maximize Sweeping Strikes you need to have a ton of rage to burn so you can use it followed by as many Cleaves as possible.  The rage cost really cuts into your ability to do that.  To that end I am going to glyph it and see how it goes.


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