Ding! – Don’t Hoard Chef’s Award Tokens!

Ding! is a column focused on alt leveling tips.  Do it faster the second time around!

Cataclysm is almost here and what better time to revive this old column.  As new players get a rare opportunity to play a “new” MMO from the start and veterans reroll new class and race combinations, there has never been a better time to start leveling again.

Today’s column highlights one of the best new features of Cataclysm, secondary profession leveling.  One of the hardest things to keep leveled on alts had been cooking and fishing.  Cooking was made much easier since last year with the introduction of the Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking quests which made leveling from 1-350 cheap and easy.  Fishing however has not had any holiday help and remains one of the most tedious to re-level on alts.  Thankfully this has been remedied with the new cooking and fishing daily quests in Stormwind and Ogrimmar.  These quests which can be done with minimal skill award 1-2 skill points in addition to xp and gold; Ensuring that you will max out your secondary professions if you take a little time to do them each day.

But a huge warning for the cooking dailies.  The Chef Award tokens awarded by the quest only stack to 10. So don’t hoard them up, always check your currency tab before you turn in the quest.  I hope this is really an oversight on Blizzard’s part as it is a ridiculously low maximum for the stack.  It’s fine for cooks that are at 450 skill and can buy and use half of the recipes immediately but for cooks just starting out, they must buy and store recipes until they reach 450 skill.

Another note is as of writing this article, the recipe for Feathered Lure is not learnable so don’t bother buying it or sell it back to the vendor for a refund.


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