Ding! – Quick Tips for leveling alts from 80 – 85

Ogre Ambush

Ogre Ambush

Ding! is a column focused on alt leveling tips.  Do it faster the second time around!

With more free time during the holidays, are you starting to level again?  Or perhaps you have leveled your first character through to 85 and want to relax and level a second alt.  Why level a second character?  If you read this blog, you probably already know.  Whether its about leveling a character for a different experience, to level a profession or to see how much faster you can do it a second time.  Whatever the reason, I am here to help you level up quicker the second time.  Lets take a look at some tips after the break…

Group up with friends to level – The experience hit isn’t too bad and it makes kill quests go more quickly.  Make sure you have similar goals when leveling in a group.  If you have done the zone before and want to speed through, don’t group with a player going through for the first time that wants to take the time to read all the quest text.  If possible, group with complementary gathering professions.  Fights will erupt if there are three miners in the group.

Take advantage of guild perks – If you were parking your alt in a bank guild or leaving it unguilded, consider joining your main’s guild or find a decent sized casual guild so you can reap the rewards of guild perks like 5% more xp, 10% faster flying and 5% improved reputation gain.

Use consumables – Use up those old WOTLK food and elixirs, they will be practically useless at 85 so why not use them now?

Learn which reputation rewards you want – Make sure you level through those zones at least enough such that you can get their tabards.  For example, casters might want to start with Mount Hyjal as fully questing through the zone will give you revered reputation needed for the caster oriented Arcanum of Hyjal head enchant.  One zone you will not want to skip is Deepholm, for the shoulder enchants offered at honored and exalted, as well as a heroic dungeon quality ring at revered.

Keep higher ilvl greens – Even if you are using a ilvl 264 item with similar stats, always keep an item, per slot of the highest ilvl you find as it determines your ilvl average needed for entering dungeons.  And while that green quality shoulder piece may not be worth breaking your 4-piece T10 for, you might use it along with a Blue quality quest reward that makes breaking the set worthwhile.

Save higher level greens for alts – As you pick up lvl 81 + greens when leveling or questing on your main, remember to look out for items your alts can use.

Get Master Flying – If you can afford it, get master flying.  The new zones are big and a lot of leveling comes down to reducing the time between getting xp, more so than bigger dps, it means quicker quest turn-ins, and quicker travel between mobs.  If you can’t afford it, consider doing Vashj’ir first.  Everyone is on a level playing field with the same 450% speed mount and its the better starter zone, imho.

Use a bank alt to manage overflow – You will collect materials and BOEs when leveling, channel all of it to an alt when you see a mailbox so you never run out of space.  Deal with all of it at the end of a session and not while leveling.

Most importantly, Have Fun!


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