Mists of Pandaria Beta Tester FAQ

Just got into the Beta and not sure where to start or what to expect?  Check out the FAQ after the break.  It answers a lot of the common questions I see in Stormwind general chat.

How do I know if I’m in the Beta?

You should have recieved an email from Blizzard, but to be sure and avoid scams, log into your account page on Battle.net and you should see a link for the Beta under the active subscription for WoW.

You’ve followed the download link and are having problems installing the beta?

Try some of the tips here : https://wowaltoholic.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/troublshooting-the-mop-beta/ or check the technical support forum.

What now?

To test you’l need characters and there are 2 ways to do it.  One you can copy over an existing character from live by using the PTR copy feature from the account page.  Make sure you have everything you need on your character or in your bank.  Mail and void storage does not copy over.  ATM not all mounts/pets and achievements are copied too so don’t panic.

The other way to test is by using a pre-made character.  You can select a lvl 85 template from the bottom right of the character screen and make a character of any class at 85.  You’ll get 5k gold, a full set of armor for every spec, tons of gems/enchanting mats and enchants so you can test.  You’ll even have fully leveled JC and Enchanting.  It’s a bit wonky but usually works.

Which realm?

The guild has been testing on Lost Isles a PVE server under the (WOW2) dropdown.

I just logged in…

Holy crap where are my relics/wand/ranged weapon?

The slot is gone MoP and item values for your other pieces will be adjusted to compensate.  Only hunters can use a ranged weapon and it takes up their main-hand slot.

Why can’t I respec?

Due to the change in the talent system, trainers can’t respec your chosen tree but instead unspec all the 5 tiers of new talents, so choose wisely for now.

Where did all my mounts go?

There is a mount button next to the dungeon finder, it’s a horsehead icon which is not bound to a key by default.

You lied I don’t have any mounts there!

As a side effect of mounts going account wide, the system is buggy.  Sometimes all your mounts will disappear.  Relogging, logging into all active toons and zoning into stockade seem to slove the problem.

WTF, where are my addons?

All addons are currently disabled in the beta at this stage of testing.  This ensures bugs are caused by the game not the addons.

What is and were can i buy the Tome of Clear mind?

The tome of clear mind is the new dust of disappearance for lvl 86 +.  You can buy it from the NPC vendor just inside the Jade Temple 5-man dungeon.  You can just queue for the dungeon, zone in and but it or ride there.  It is in the middle of the Jade Forest starting zone and right next to dawn blossom.  The same npc also sells all the available glyphs for your class, cheaply 4s

How do I get to Pandaria?

There is a panda in a shaft of light in the trade district called Kun Pao that will teleport you there.  There are 2 options, wayward landing or Pandaria.  Wayward landing is the starter area for Alliance quests.  The Pandaria option will bring you to Dawn’s Blossom the town in the middle of the starter Jade Forest Zone.

Wait before you go…

Make sure you buy a few Runes of Teleportation so you can use portals (yes even the npc ones require this) to get back to SW.  There is a portal in wayward landing and in Dawn Blossom.  This might have changed in the latest build I have to check.

Welcome to Pandaria, now what?

Explore and enjoy all the quests.  It’s a beta so expect quests with missing dialogue or missing cinematics.  The questing is less linear so if you finsh an area and have no idea where to go next look for the ! symbol on your map to find new quest hubs.

What lvl can get to in the beta?

The level cap has just been raised to 88.

What areas are open in the beta?

The starter zone Jade Forest (85) Valley of the four Winds (85-86) Kasarang Wilds (86-87) and Kun-Lai Summit (87-88}

What happens if I go into an unopenned zone?

You’ll see a huter’s mark above your head and a Blizzard debuff.  After a few seconds it will teleport you out to wayward landing.

Are pet battles working?

No not atm and so pets are greyed out too.

Are scenarios working?

Not at this time.

What dugeons can i try?

Jade Temple and Stormstout Brewery (85-87) drops 410 loot and 419 loot respectively.

Shado-pan Monastry and Mogu-shan Palace (87-90) no loot implemented atm.

What class is going to be your main in MoP? Tell us below.


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