Antagonist – The Cycle of Waiting, aka Hope Springs Eternal

With Tier 10 being the last tier of gear for WOTLK, it is for most classes and specializations, itemized very well.  So much so that for classes like the Retribution Paladin (which Antagonist is) all 5 pieces are viable with none containing sub optimal stats.  With that in mind, and especially with how good the two-piece and four piece bonuses are, i have been working since patch 3.3.3 to get enough frost badges to buy all the pieces.  I got to the two piece bonus fairly quickly picking up a nice upgrade with the cheap emblem piece the shoulders and getting the Helm next as well.  My strategy was to hold out on swaping pieces until I could be the two-piece bonus at once so i would go from having the four piece T9 bonus to the two piece T10 and still retain the two piece T9 bonus.  Using RAWR, I simmed out my upgrades and found that it would only be a DPS upgrade to go from the two piece bonus of T9 and T10 to the four piece T10.  This means I should wait to get enough badges to get the last two T10 pieces before upgrading.  What I did (or didn’t) after the break.

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