Macro Workbench – Bear Tanking Macros

The Macro Workbench is a column on building and using macros to improve or add utility to your WoW playing experience.

I’ve been working on Bear tanking on Gaia lately as I mentioned in this post.  I feel much more comfortable with it and settled on a keybinding and macro layout I can almost as second nature (get it?).  As promised lets take a look at those bindings and macros after the break.

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Gaia – Riding the Rocket!

Just a quick screenshot of Gaia riding the x-53 rocket in passenger seat.  Sorry its so blue but it is Icecrown.  Much thanks to Securis for the ride.  He was one of the first on Kargath to get the rocket and I used the ride as the basis for the FAQ in this post.

Gaia – Bear with Me!

Running daily heroics is time consuming when all your alts have DPS roles.  So recently in partly an effort to shorten queue and running times for the dailies, I have been trying to respec the secondary spec of some of my alts to other roles like healing and tanking.  Gaia is my second character to make the conversion and return to tanking.  More after the break.

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