The Fine Art of Feasting : Cooking Perks in MoP

Cooking is going to be big in MoP, and not just because of those big panda bellies. At 525 cooking, you can now specialize in different “Ways”, essentially different styles of cooking. Each “Way” specializes in a type of buff food. For example, the “Way of the Grill” teaches recipes that give Strength food.

So why should I level cooking in MoP? At 575 skill, all the different specializations can produce a Feast. This feast will provide +250 to the best primary stat. Once you level cooking (in any Way) to 600 you will get a +275 to your highest primary stat from those same feasts.

If you level all 5 Ways to 600 you will be able to make Pandaren Banquets which give +275 to your highest primary stat. If you master all 5 Ways you will get + 300 from the same feasts.

For comprehensive information about cooking in MoP see this excellent post in the MMO-Champion forums : Rice and Beer: A Guide to Pandaren Cusine.

TL;DR – Leveling Cooking to 600 will give you a +25 stat advantage from feasts.


The Blues – Dungeon Quest Experience Reduction

The Blues highlights important “blue” posts from the World of Warcraft official forums.

We are applying a hotfix today to all level 1-60 dungeon quests for Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms dungeons which will significantly reduce the amount of experience they award.

While dungeons should remain integral to our evolving storylines, and great places to collect gear in cooperative environments, we need to make sure each player’s questing progress remains relevant as dungeon quests are completed. In many cases we’re seeing players enter dungeons to complete quests, only to come out ahead of the leveling curve for the zones they’re in.

This change should allow players the opportunity to reap the benefits of running dungeons, while not outpacing the leveling flow from levels 1-60. At this time there are no plans for making any adjustments to dungeon quest experience for Outland, Northrend, and level 80+ Cataclysm dungeons.

You can find a list of all of the latest hotfixes here:

The Blues – Patch 4.0.3a Hotfixes

The Blues highlights important “blue” posts from the World of Warcraft official forums.

Here you will find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the release of patch 4.0.3a. While many have already been deployed on all realms, some may not be implemented until the next time your realm is restarted. We will continue to update this thread in the days ahead as additional hotfixes are applied.

November 29

  • Emalon the Storm Watcher is no longer despawning on death and his corpse can be looted normally.
  • Rain of Chaos cast by the warlock versions of Severed Essence in Icecrown Citadel was doing substantially more damage than intended and has been adjusted.
  • Cataclysm leather can no longer be skinned from low-level NPCs.
  • Azure Watch flight master Zaldaan has been reminded that he should hate the Horde.
  • Alchemists Flask bonus for Flask of Steelskin is now consistent with other profession’s Stamina buffs.
  • Characters that have Illustrious Grand Master Engineering are now able to use the Gnomish Army Knife without errors.
  • Classes
    • Druids
      • It should no longer be possible for any druid to maintain the old talent Predatory Instincts.
    • Hunters
      • The free Aimed Shot from Master Marksman was dealing too little damage. It now deals the same or a little bit more damage than the base Aimed Shot.
      • Spirit Bond is now correctly applied when monkey or dog pets are active.
      • The Gorishi Fledgling Colossus is now longer immobile when tamed.
    • Paladins
      • Sanctuary now functions correctly for paladins below level 30 and no longer refunds talent points upon relogging or zoning.
      • Light of Dawn casts correctly and does not produce an error when it does not hit a targeted ally.
  • Quests
    • The Bulging Sack of Gold rewarded upon completion of the quest “Forged Documents” now actually contains gold.
    • The Fireliminator X-21 quest item for the quest “When Science Attacks” is no longer able to be used outside of Azshara.
    • The Mad Magus Tirth’s Soul effect from the quest “The Mad Magus” is now zone-bound to Thousand Needles.
    • Players can no longer receive Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation by killing Booty Bay Bruisers when phased after completing the quest “Doublerum”.
    • General Grimaxe and his Dark Iron Golem should now correctly spawn for all players on the quest “Grimaxe’s Demise”.
    • Level 61+ players should now be able to complete the quest “Uther’s Blessing” by using the item Chillwind Tribute at Uther’s Tomb.
    • “A Mother’s Worries” in Wetlands should now display quest text.
    • Players with the Enchanted Imp Sack aura from the quest “Do the Imp-Possible” in Felwood are no longer able to use their mount to carry passengers.
    • Skybreaker Recon Fighters are visible now and it is again possible to complete the quests “Keeping the Alliance Blind” and “Blinding the Eyes in the Sky” in Icecrown.
    • Banshee Essences can now be looted by all party members in Stratholme.
    • The Desolace quest “Satyrical Offerings” is no longer flagged for Cataclysm and can be obtained without the expansion.
    • The Southern Barrens quest “Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped” now correctly awards experience, money, and reputation upon completion.
    • Carrion Scarabs spawned by the Crypt Horrors in Eastern Plaguelands are now correctly level 40.
    • The quest “The Hunter’s Way” is now first available at level 8, down from level 10.
    • The murlocs for the quest “Ever So Lonely” now correctly respawn as players capture them.


November 24

  • Players should now be able to champion a capital city and earn reputation in Heroic and normal Wrath of the Lich King dungeons while wearing that city’s tabard.
  • Players are no longer required to discover Wrath of the Lich King dungeons before accessing them via Looking For Dungeon.
  • Players should no longer be interrupted when eating or drinking in a Battleground before the battle starts.
  • Many former Steamwheedle goblins have switched over to the Gadgetzan faction. If a players happens to be “At War” with these NPCs, they will no longer attack in many areas.
  • Collision has been removed from Argent Tournament banners so they can no longer block players.
  • The door to the Alliance Keep in Isle of Conquest should again be closed at the beginning of the battle.
  • Creatures spawned during the Hadronox encounter no longer award reputation.
  • After changing races to tauren and learning the Sunwalker Kodo mounts, they now remain available after porting, zoning, and relogging.
  • Trapjaw Rix no longer has a duplicate standing on top of himself.
  • Players can no longer catch new high-level fish when fishing near level 80-85 zones unless the account is upgraded to Cataclysm.
  • Classes
    • Death Knights
      • Death Strike now properly heals for 20% of the damage taken within the last 5 seconds, and Blood Presence now increases armor contribution from items by 30%, down from 60%.
    • Druids
      • The heal from Gift of the Earth Mother when the druid casts Rejuvenate is now gaining the correct benefit from Improved Rejuvenate.
    • Mages
      • Flame Orb will no longer attack PvP-flagged enemies unless the mage is already flagged for PvP combat.
    • Priests
      • The Empowered Shadow buff is no longer granted when a player cancels the Shadow Orb buff. Mind Blast correctly removes the Shadow Orb buff and grants Empowered Shadow.
      • The Glyph of Shadow Word: Death no longer provides the outdated 10% bonus damage to targets under 25% health when Shadow Word: Death is cast.
    • Warlocks
      • Bane of Havoc no longer persists when overwritten by another Bane.
  • Quests
    • The quest “Reinforcements from Theramore” can now be obtained by Alliance players.
    • Players no longer keep the invisibility aura and the Hunting buff after logging out while in the wolf vehicle on the quest “The Wolf and the Kodo”.
    • The quest “Diplomacy By Another Means” no longer auto-completes in the field.
    • The spawn rate for Frostmane Scavengers in Dun Morogh has been substantially increased.
    • Obtaining the achievement for completing quests in Silverpine now requires 55 quests, down from 60. The interface will still list it as 60 required quests until a client-side patch is applied.
    • Players should no longer get stuck in a phased state when attempting to complete the quest “To the Rescue!”
    • Players are now able to complete the quest “Uther’s Blessing” by using the item Chillwind Tribute at Uther’s Tomb.
    • Horde players are no longer able to obtain the Stormpike Insignia Rank 2 from Lieutenant Haggerdin while on the quest “Infiltration”.
    • Experience granted by quests in Arathi Highlands has been increased.


November 23

  • Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest, and Strand of the Ancients should no longer attempt to place players in a level 80-84 bracket.
  • Players should no longer be disconnected from a realm when attempting to take an item out of the mail which has been marked for deletion.
  • The title “Champion of [guildname]” can no longer be improperly awarded to players.
  • The amount of gold received when converting Battleground Marks of Honor above the honor cap has been reduced to the intended amount.
  • Classes
    • Druids
      • The damage done by the following abilities has been reduced by approximately 17%: Mangle (Bear), Maul, Lacerate, Pulverize, Swipe (Bear), Thrash.
    • Hunters
      • A second pet can no longer be summoned when the active pet is dead.
    • Mages
      • Arcane Concentration will not go on internal cooldown when it fails to proc.
      • The damage from Deep Freeze on stun-immune targets is now properly benefitting from Frostburn, including when increased by Mastery Rating on gear.
      • Frostfire Orb now correctly triggers Ignite on critical hits.
      • Pyroblast! made available by Hot Streak will no longer consume Clearcasting.
      • When Scorch is cast by a mage who has Improved Scorch Rank 2, it will no longer consume Clearcasting.
      • Shatter now only increases the chance for Molten Armor’s damage to be a critical strike when the target is actually frozen, as intended.
    • Paladins
      • Glyph of Light of Dawn no longer incorrectly reduces the healing of Light of Dawn.
    • Priests
      • Prayer of Healing is now properly healing all of the target’s party members, unless they are further than 30 yards away.
      • Twisted Faith no longer gives a 4% damage increase to Mind Flay when Shadow Word: Pain is active on a target.
    • Rogues
      • Envenom now properly scales with Potent Poisons.
    • Warlocks
      • Soul Fire will no longer consume both Empowered Imp and Soulburn when they are active.  It will consume Empowered Imp and leave Soulburn still active.
    • Warriors
      • Shield Slam’s damage has been reduced by about 28% at level 15, with less, but still noticeable reductions at higher levels.
  • Quests
    • The Wayward Fire Elemental is now properly tracked on the mini-map for the quest “Ice and Fire”.
    • Fishing daily quests in Stormwind and Orgrimmar have returned.
    • Players will now reach their flight destination properly for the quest “Fuselight, Ho!”
    • It is no longer possible to use all the charges on the Purified Moonwell Water at a single brazier for the quest “Dousing the Flames of Protection”.
    • The tauren quest “Heeding the Call” has been removed from the game and is no longer improperly still being offered to players.

Pimp My UI – AVR/AVR Encounters (No Longer Street Legal)

AVR Addon

AVR Encounters

Pimp My UI is a column about WoW addons.  Personalize and upgrade your user interface with the addons reviewed here.

This is certainly a strange one, its a memorium rather than a review.  I have been working on a review for AVR when a blue post confirmed they are breaking it for 3.3.5 patch.  I guess it toed past that line of acceptability like mods like maphack and several of the “spike” hacks did for Diablo 2 and Counterstrike respectively.  Drawing mods like this are not new, but AVRs impact on raiding and ease of use is probably what got Blizzard’s attention and forced them to address matters.  However it still deserves a review and my review of the addon after the break still stands.

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New WIP Worgen Female Models

Female Worgen - Glineas Background

Female Worgen - Glineas Background

New pictures of the Worgen female models were released to the official fansites.  Remember, these are a work-in-progress and could be completely different by release.  Also of note is that hairstyles have not yet been included.   Wryxian says:

This is but a work-in-progress sneak peak of the female Worgen that we provided to all our official fansites. This means we could be changing anything or indeed everything of what you see here before we release the expansion pack. And yes, no hair styles are shown, but suffice to say — there will be hair and it will be glorious. I’m talking shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen… 😉
Which sites are official fansties, you ask? Here’s just a few of them: (EU) (US)
Bookmark them! They’re all good sites in their own right and who knows what we might release via them in the future…

Offfical WoW Forum Link

Waxed hairstyles for female Worgen? O.o   The mind boggles at the titillating possibilities.  More pictures of the models after the break.

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What’s New?

Cataclysm Alpha Installation Screen

Cataclysm Alpha Installation Screen

Didn’t we just have one of these updates?  Yes but changes are coming to this site, again, so I thought this would be the best place to announce them.  I been doing a second pass on the way I’ve organized this site and it could do with some refinements so here are some changes that are coming up.

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WoW Remote Auction House Beta Launches

The big news yesterday, has to be the launch of the World of Warcraft Remote Auction House for the web and corresponding Iphone App (as part of Wow Armory).  As its name implies, the program allows remote access to the in-game Auction House from any web connected device or from an app tailored for the Iphone.  (Sorry no Android specific app at the moment.)  The program will come in two flavors a free and subscription version after the Beta test.  While you can browse auctions and check auction status from the free version, you’ll only be able to post, bid, resell and collect gold from auctions with the subscription based version at $2.99 per month.

As expected the news has illicited strong reactions from players, and re-ignited discussions on the impact on the WoW economy, payment for in-game advantages (something Blizzard has stated in the past they would not do) and potentials for abuse when the system is no longer limited to the in-game interface where it is protected by Warden (Blizzard’s anti-cheating program.)

More details about the program and blue posts after the break.

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The Blues – Cataclysm Professions Preview

The Blues is a column with personal commentary on the “blue” posts from the World of Warcraft official forums.

Ah finally a preview on a subject I love, professions.  Today, Blizzard dropped a nice overview of profession changes and additions they have planned for Cataclysm.  Also confirmed in the post is the new rank for all professions, Illustrious Grand Master. The full blue post with commentary on each profession after the break.

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What’s New? – My UI Page Launched

I am in a spot of PVP burnout after Children’s Week.  It was a painful and stressful week trying to get the achievements done.  More on that soon when I do my Achievement Hunter follow-up post.  Between getting, stabbed, incinerated, frozen, blinded and stunned, I have been working on a new page for the blog.  I am happy to say its in a state in which I can release it.  It’s called My UI and focuses on the addons I use and how they were used to customize my user interface and make playing wow more efficient for me.  It has a general philosophy, and a full list of addons I currently use.  I plan to review all my addons and any new ones I am trying.  These reviews will be in a new column called Pimp My UI and will be linked to the addons.

So with the launch of this new page, I am going to focus a bit more on addons this week so expect to see reviews of addons and addon sites in the coming week.  There was also alot of Alpha news this week with the leaked client, check out this post for more info.  Another big tidbit released by Blizzard this week was the introduction of Real ID, a unified ID you can share with friends to track and chat with them over Blizzard games.  Cool concept, questionable implementation.  Read about that in this post.

Look forward to more good stuff this week and as always, thank you for reading.

Drip Drip…Splash! Cataclysm Leaks Inbound

The Friends and Family Alpha for Catacylsm started this week and you know what that means…More scammers trying to phish for your WoW account user names and passwords.  Remember that this Alpha is limited to Blizzard employees, their family and friends so its not open to the public.  Furthermore those in the Alpha would be under a strict Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).  However this is the internet age and there are bound to be leaks.  The first drop into the internet pond was the image shown above, of Deathwing which has been posted so many places, it hard to track where it came from.  Shortly after a torrent of the beta client was released and the leaks started flowing as hackers data-mined the files and used a private server to explore the game world.  Again, even if you download the Alpha Client, there is no way to play on the real Alpha Servers without a Alpha account so don’t be fooled by scams.

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