Quick Shot – Sudden Death

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I was looking through my old screenshots and came across this one.  This is really old, back in Burning Crusade when you would suffer through PVP even if you didn’t like it so you could get the weapons and gear for entry level raiding as it was much better than heroic dungeon loot.  So you grinded BGs for the armor and did Arena for some of the better pieces.  This was Phryne the Rogue and my Friend Blurbaby the mage in a 2v2 match.  We largely sucked but hey, so did this team.  I died early just as Blurbaby took down  opposing Warrior.  The two mages duked it out and finally simultaneously killed each other!  We got no points and it ended in a draw.  A fond memory, remembered.


Phryne – Venting

I just have to get it off my chest.  I was running ICC 25 with my usual PUG group last night and it was a typical run.  There was always a core group of people that got weekly invites and we filled the rest.  The PUGs rules were ok but not the best.  1 UG per person and OS with preference to those with the least items.  The raid leader keeps the Primodial Saronite.  Not the best rules but again not the worse I have seen.  There are only four things left for my Rogue within the first wing of ICC, which was as far as the PUG normally went.  I still needed the boots off Marrowgar, the Deathbringer’s Will Trinket, and both the Axe and Sword drops.

We get to Saurfang and the sword drops.  The raid leader DK got 2 upgrades so I wouldn’t be competing with him, and the other Rogue was Assasination spec so I wasn’t sure if he would roll.  I roll a 27 horrible as usual.  Then, FML, the hunter rolls.  Really??  For a one handed weapon?  He wasn’t even using 2 one-handers to say that replacing one of them with this would be an upgrade.  And the worse part of it is the raid leader gave it to him.  It’s kind of like a Fury Warrior or Rogue rolling on a Hunter itemised gun or a Holy Paladin rolling on spellpower mail.  You can use it and it may be an upgrade but don’t be an asshole.

I think while I am upset at the Hunter for rolling on it.  I am more upset at the raid leader was distributing loot that way.  Its going to suck if I have to roll against all the random hunters (there were 4 this week, but only one was douche to roll) we get weekly, in addition to DKs and rogues.  I’ve been thinking about it and I just don’t think I’ll be joining them anymore.  Its nice to have a weekly grp you can count on getting into, but when the raid isn’t run in a fair manner then its time to move on.  Perhaps if that character was less geared and i was being carried in the raid, I would just shut up and take it, but forget it.

I never seem to have luck with guilds and regular groups.  A sour note to the end of my week.

Phryne – Down to the Wire

3:00AM Server time.  Its Tuesday with the usual maintenance scheduled.  Its 3am server time so there is two hours to reset, I finished my daily heroics on my alts an hour or so ago and decided to do a few of the fishing dailies to try for the fishing hat or one of the fancy fishing poles.  As I pick up and Ghostfish Daily, I see “LFM ICC 10 Last min run before reset” in trade chat.  So tempting…  I look over my list of unsaved alts and decide on my Rogue, who is ironically more geared from ICC 25s through a regular ICC 25 PUG group than ICC 10s.  But she has the worse luck, like my warrior (but thats another story) with weapons and is still using Quel’Delar, Cunning of the Shadows and the Liar’s Tongue.  I figured that in the worse case scenario we might only get to a few bosses and at least my Rogue could use the Bone Warden’s Splitter from Marrowgar if we only downed the first boss.  I got into the group and there was another rogue; but hey, at this late hour, beggars can’t be choosy.

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