Mists of Pandaria Beta Tester FAQ

Just got into the Beta and not sure where to start or what to expect?  Check out the FAQ after the break.  It answers a lot of the common questions I see in Stormwind general chat.

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The Achievement Hunter – Two Birds in a Bush

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

So you’ve topped out your 4000 JP in preparation for the expansion, finished leveling your professions and decided to ease up on doing dungeons and raids.  What’s a good altoholic to do for the next week until Cataclysm comes out?  If you’re like me, you are rounding out the easy achievements you have been slacking on.  Here’s a couple of easy achievements you can knock out in the same area in short order.  Critter Glitter and Friend or Fowl.  A quick guide to the achievements:

Critter Glitter – Make 10 Critter Bites in advance and head to (69,64) in Howling Fjord which has plenty of turkey critters.  This achievement is also part of the Hail to the Chef meta achievement which rewards the Chef title.

Friend or Fowl – This can be easily done in the same spot as the first achievement, just kill 15 turkeys.  There is plenty of time so don’t panic.

The Achievement Hunter – Pilgrim’s Bounty

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

One day you are stuffing yourself with turkey, cranberries and pie and the next day the world ends and your city is in ruins.  Holidays wait for no patches and even as the world burns, many of you are still working on the Pilgrim’s Bounty Achievements.  If you are just starting here are links to good guides:



The big change to be aware of is planning travel with the removal of Dalaran’s portals to capital cities.  Even with the travel difficulties, this is still the best chance this coming expansion for you to finish this achievement.  Once everyone leaves Dalaran for Stormwind and Orgimmar, good luck trying to finish Turkey Lurkey.

If you are starting out a new race/class combo character don’t miss the opportunity to do some easy cooking leveling.  Using the recipes from the event you can easily level cooking from 1-350.

The Achievement Hunter – Children’s Week Wrap Up

School of Hard Knocks Achievements

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

Children’s Week is over, thank god!  Its taken me a few days to get to writing this wrap up but I had a few things I wanted to try before I published the article, as I’ll explain below.  So how did Children’s Week go for me?  It was a mixed bag, I did achieve more than I expected but less than I hoped.  More, after the break.

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Achievement Hunter – Shortcuts for Orphan Quest Line

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

So its about half way thorugh the week and you haven’t started on the Children’s Week achievements?  Don’t panic there is still hope.  When running 10 characters through the same quests, you learn the short cuts to making it quicker.  Here’s my cheat sheet guide to the fastest way to run the alliance Stormwind and Shattrah orphan quest lines.  Guide after the break.

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The Blues – Missing Orphans

The Blues is a column with personal commentary on the “blue” posts from the World of Warcraft official forums.

If you are working on your Children’s Week achievements like I am you should be aware of a nasty bug that is affecting US servers.  Aredek popped up on the forums on this post to sate that they are aware of an issue where characters that did the Dalaran Children’s Week quests last year are unable to get the quest this year.

Good morning (and evening), everyone.

I’m terribly sorry about the delay in getting back to you all regarding this issue; however, this is an issue we are presently looking into. At this time, players who completed the Dalaran Children’s Week quests will be unable to re-accept the quests. We hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible, but we do not have an ETA to provide at this time.

We will surely let you know as soon are more information becomes available.

Thank you all for your patience!

Considering how short this holiday is hopefully they will find and apply a fix soon.

Turning a Profit – Exploiting Children for Profit

Turning a profit is a column focused on making gold in WoW, through farming materials, working professions and the Auction House.

Children’s Week is upon us and if you are a savvy business woman/man, you can exploit the holiday to make good money.  Players going for the Long Strange Trip Achievement and those trying to complete the Children’s Week meta Achievement will need some items that you can provide as a cook.  Lets look at the two items after the break.

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The Achievement Hunter – Children’s Week

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

After i wrote my post on Alyx going after the Chef’s Hat achievement, it got me thinking that it might be nice to do a column on achievements I am pursuing, so The Achievement Hunter was born.  I am by no means a hardcore achievement hound like my friend Samandiriel who has both the Winterspring Frostsaber, Loremaster, and the Insane title.  But when there are fun rewards or titles to go for I like trying for them.  Children’s Week is upon us and I am trying to get the meta on all my alts.  No mean feat as I hate PVP and The School of Hard Knocks achievement is going to kick my ass.  More after the break .

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Alyx – Cooking with Style

Alyx has been one of my lesser played characters recently, after having left her old guild Hybrid Theory, itself a new guild, after the leadership could’nt raid anymore causing the guild to disband.  So she’s been sitting guildless for a while.  Without a regular guild and with such few upgrades left from 10-man ICC she’s been on the back burner.  So I decided to nudge her forward in another direction and snag a quick achievement.  She’s been doing most of her cooking dailies, so i snagged her a Chef’s Hat for a few quick points.  I don’t actively push for achievements but try for them whenever the opportunity presents itself.  the next big push for my characters is coming up with Children’s Week.  So far all my characters are on track for the Long Strange Trip achievement and more importantly the violet proto-drake that comes with it.  However, I really dislike PVP so childrens week’s PVP achievements are going to kick my butt.  to eek out a few more achievement points, I have also prepared Great Feasts for all my characters so I can snag the Dinner Impossible achievement as well.

On my list of things to do is to get a screen shot addon so things don’t always look so messy.