Mists of Pandaria Beta Tester FAQ

Just got into the Beta and not sure where to start or what to expect?  Check out the FAQ after the break.  It answers a lot of the common questions I see in Stormwind general chat.

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Pimp My UI – Going Moblie Part 1

Welcome to a very special edition of Pimp my UI.  Today we are going to design a UI largely from the ground up, something I haven’t done in same time.  UIs are like owning a house, you repaint it, add extensions, move the furniture and change the art, but you build off an existing foundation.  Its hard to start off from scratch unless you have to.  Well I am getting a new laptop for gaming for a couple of trips I will be taking next month, so its time to revamp my UI for a notebook.

The key points to keep in mind will be:

1. Smaller screen and resolution.

2. Reduce addons to essentials to maximize framerate.

3.  Keep UI elements in relative positions to make the transition between UIs easy.

We’ll take a look at the first two points and decide what addons to use after the break.

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Pimp My UI – AVR/AVR Encounters (No Longer Street Legal)

AVR Addon

AVR Encounters

Pimp My UI is a column about WoW addons.  Personalize and upgrade your user interface with the addons reviewed here.

This is certainly a strange one, its a memorium rather than a review.  I have been working on a review for AVR when a blue post confirmed they are breaking it for 3.3.5 patch.  I guess it toed past that line of acceptability like mods like maphack and several of the “spike” hacks did for Diablo 2 and Counterstrike respectively.  Drawing mods like this are not new, but AVRs impact on raiding and ease of use is probably what got Blizzard’s attention and forced them to address matters.  However it still deserves a review and my review of the addon after the break still stands.

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Pimp My UI – Armory

Armory Addon - Click for full size image

Pimp My UI is a column about WoW addons.  Personalize and upgrade your user interface with the addons reviewed here.

Armory, the addon that every true altoholic needs.  Once you get past the first 2 alts and a main character, thing are going to get fuzzy.  Where did I keep that chilled meat I was saving for cooking dailies?  Which alt is still missing that Chef’s Hat? (None now btw, Atropos just got hers a few days ago making me 10 for 10.)  Who still needs that achievement?  All these questions and more are easily answered using the Armory addon.  its like a super-synced organizer for your alts.  Lets take a closer look after the break.

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/Trade Chat – Wowinterface.com

/Trade Chat is a column that reviews and discusses WoW blogs and fan sites.

Addon Week continues with a review of my second go to website for addons, WoWinterface.com.  This is my favorite addon site.  it has a clean layout that loads very quickly and has great addon author support as well.  My only complaint is that navigation is not as clean as Curse’s addon site.  However I do like the dedicated page for looking up new and updated addons, usually the first page I hit on the site.  In addition, there is a side panel highlighting addons called 15 minutes of fame, kind of like a quick pick for addons.  There is also a nice column for Weekly Pick addons which highlight specific addons and reviews them much like my PIMP My UI column.

Other nice touches include mouseover previews, similar to Curse.com.  There is again another addon updater provided by the site but I can’t comment on it as I have always updated my own addons.  When looking at individual addons, you can read the descriptions, read user comments and even grab archived versions of the addon.  The change log for WoW Interface one  ups Curse’s by offering real info on what changed between the patches, rather than just a listing of which files were changed.  Nice to know if you are just downloading the russian localization in the latest version or if that long standing bug is finally fixed.

As with all addon sites it is best experienced rather than explained.  So click on over and find something new and unexpected.

/Trade Chat – Curse.com

/Trade Chat is a column that reviews and discusses WoW blogs and fan sites.

As part of the Launch of the My UI page, I wanted to share one of my go to websites for getting new and updated addons, the WoW addon section of Curse.com.  One of biggest addon sites, I like its support of addon authors, clean organisation and ease of navigation.  There are several good ways to explore new addons.  Addon listings are broken down into classes and other categories like Auction House, Unit Frames and PVP.

My favorite way of looking for addons is using the New and Updated Addon sidebar.  If you are new to addons, checking out the Most downloaded addons and Highest rated addons is a good start.  You can also try one of the UI compilations instead of starting from scratch. If you do, make sure to choose a compliation that supports your screen resolution and aspect ration (wide or standard).

A nice feature is the mouseover window for each addon which gives a quick summary of what each addon does as well as a screenshot if provided.  Curse also has a addon updater client which aims to make it easier to manage addons by automating the update process, but I personally update my own addons for more control.  Another nice feature is the availability of older versions of each addon should you need to rollback to an older version.

This is one of the two addon sites I trust when looking for addons.

Pimp My UI – Two Addons for Professions

Pimp My UI is a column about WoW addons.  Personalize and upgrade your user interface with the addons reviewed here.

Continuing our blitz of addon reviews, here are two addons I find both make life easier and give a great boost to altoholics with multiple professions.  The addons Ara-Broker Tradeskills and Profession Tabs.  They both help to organize and access multiple professions quickly, as well as keep track of professions across different characters.  The reviews after the break.

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Pimp My UI – Perfect Screenshot

Pimp My UI is a column about WoW addons.  Personalize and upgrade your user interface with the addons reviewed here.

Welcome to the first column for Pimp my UI.  I love addons and how they work to customize and tweak your UI to exactly how you like it.  I am working on adding a new page on My UI listing the addons I use and talking about why I use them.  As an extension to that I am going to review all the addons I use as well as the one I am experimenting with.  First up is a addon I have started using since I started blogging, Perfect Screenshot.  The review after the break.

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