The Fine Art of Feasting : Cooking Perks in MoP

Cooking is going to be big in MoP, and not just because of those big panda bellies. At 525 cooking, you can now specialize in different “Ways”, essentially different styles of cooking. Each “Way” specializes in a type of buff food. For example, the “Way of the Grill” teaches recipes that give Strength food.

So why should I level cooking in MoP? At 575 skill, all the different specializations can produce a Feast. This feast will provide +250 to the best primary stat. Once you level cooking (in any Way) to 600 you will get a +275 to your highest primary stat from those same feasts.

If you level all 5 Ways to 600 you will be able to make Pandaren Banquets which give +275 to your highest primary stat. If you master all 5 Ways you will get + 300 from the same feasts.

For comprehensive information about cooking in MoP see this excellent post in the MMO-Champion forums : Rice and Beer: A Guide to Pandaren Cusine.

TL;DR – Leveling Cooking to 600 will give you a +25 stat advantage from feasts.


Ding! – Don’t Hoard Chef’s Award Tokens!

Ding! is a column focused on alt leveling tips.  Do it faster the second time around!

Cataclysm is almost here and what better time to revive this old column.  As new players get a rare opportunity to play a “new” MMO from the start and veterans reroll new class and race combinations, there has never been a better time to start leveling again.

Today’s column highlights one of the best new features of Cataclysm, secondary profession leveling.  One of the hardest things to keep leveled on alts had been cooking and fishing.  Cooking was made much easier since last year with the introduction of the Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking quests which made leveling from 1-350 cheap and easy.  Fishing however has not had any holiday help and remains one of the most tedious to re-level on alts.  Thankfully this has been remedied with the new cooking and fishing daily quests in Stormwind and Ogrimmar.  These quests which can be done with minimal skill award 1-2 skill points in addition to xp and gold; Ensuring that you will max out your secondary professions if you take a little time to do them each day.

But a huge warning for the cooking dailies.  The Chef Award tokens awarded by the quest only stack to 10. So don’t hoard them up, always check your currency tab before you turn in the quest.  I hope this is really an oversight on Blizzard’s part as it is a ridiculously low maximum for the stack.  It’s fine for cooks that are at 450 skill and can buy and use half of the recipes immediately but for cooks just starting out, they must buy and store recipes until they reach 450 skill.

Another note is as of writing this article, the recipe for Feathered Lure is not learnable so don’t bother buying it or sell it back to the vendor for a refund.

The Achievement Hunter – Two Birds in a Bush

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

So you’ve topped out your 4000 JP in preparation for the expansion, finished leveling your professions and decided to ease up on doing dungeons and raids.  What’s a good altoholic to do for the next week until Cataclysm comes out?  If you’re like me, you are rounding out the easy achievements you have been slacking on.  Here’s a couple of easy achievements you can knock out in the same area in short order.  Critter Glitter and Friend or Fowl.  A quick guide to the achievements:

Critter Glitter – Make 10 Critter Bites in advance and head to (69,64) in Howling Fjord which has plenty of turkey critters.  This achievement is also part of the Hail to the Chef meta achievement which rewards the Chef title.

Friend or Fowl – This can be easily done in the same spot as the first achievement, just kill 15 turkeys.  There is plenty of time so don’t panic.

The Blues – Cataclysm Professions Preview

The Blues is a column with personal commentary on the “blue” posts from the World of Warcraft official forums.

Ah finally a preview on a subject I love, professions.  Today, Blizzard dropped a nice overview of profession changes and additions they have planned for Cataclysm.  Also confirmed in the post is the new rank for all professions, Illustrious Grand Master. The full blue post with commentary on each profession after the break.

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Pimp My UI – Two Addons for Professions

Pimp My UI is a column about WoW addons.  Personalize and upgrade your user interface with the addons reviewed here.

Continuing our blitz of addon reviews, here are two addons I find both make life easier and give a great boost to altoholics with multiple professions.  The addons Ara-Broker Tradeskills and Profession Tabs.  They both help to organize and access multiple professions quickly, as well as keep track of professions across different characters.  The reviews after the break.

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Turning a Profit – Exploiting Children for Profit

Turning a profit is a column focused on making gold in WoW, through farming materials, working professions and the Auction House.

Children’s Week is upon us and if you are a savvy business woman/man, you can exploit the holiday to make good money.  Players going for the Long Strange Trip Achievement and those trying to complete the Children’s Week meta Achievement will need some items that you can provide as a cook.  Lets look at the two items after the break.

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The Achievement Hunter – Children’s Week

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

After i wrote my post on Alyx going after the Chef’s Hat achievement, it got me thinking that it might be nice to do a column on achievements I am pursuing, so The Achievement Hunter was born.  I am by no means a hardcore achievement hound like my friend Samandiriel who has both the Winterspring Frostsaber, Loremaster, and the Insane title.  But when there are fun rewards or titles to go for I like trying for them.  Children’s Week is upon us and I am trying to get the meta on all my alts.  No mean feat as I hate PVP and The School of Hard Knocks achievement is going to kick my ass.  More after the break .

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Alyx – Cooking with Style

Alyx has been one of my lesser played characters recently, after having left her old guild Hybrid Theory, itself a new guild, after the leadership could’nt raid anymore causing the guild to disband.  So she’s been sitting guildless for a while.  Without a regular guild and with such few upgrades left from 10-man ICC she’s been on the back burner.  So I decided to nudge her forward in another direction and snag a quick achievement.  She’s been doing most of her cooking dailies, so i snagged her a Chef’s Hat for a few quick points.  I don’t actively push for achievements but try for them whenever the opportunity presents itself.  the next big push for my characters is coming up with Children’s Week.  So far all my characters are on track for the Long Strange Trip achievement and more importantly the violet proto-drake that comes with it.  However, I really dislike PVP so childrens week’s PVP achievements are going to kick my butt.  to eek out a few more achievement points, I have also prepared Great Feasts for all my characters so I can snag the Dinner Impossible achievement as well.

On my list of things to do is to get a screen shot addon so things don’t always look so messy.