Datamined : New Server type to be Introduced in MoP

Nude Pandarian Female Model BETA

In a WoW Altoholic exclusive, datamining of the latest Mists of Pandaria beta patch has has revealed a new server type to be introduced with MoP, PVE-ARP (Adult Roleplay).

/chk SERVER_TYPE if(TRUE) PVE-ARP else()
/chk SERVER)TYPE if(TRUE) PVP (break)

With the increasing interest in Moonguard server for its Adult themed role play in the Goldshire Inn, Blizzard has decided to address and expand it user base by adding PVE- Adult Role Play servers.

Mike Morhaime(president and a co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment) was quoted as saying “It’s kind of a crazy idea, but I’m the president of the company, and I get to have some of those sometimes.”  This addresses the negative reaction to the Pet Battle system being introduced and complaints that we were abandoning our Hardcore fans and catering to a younger casual crowd.

This will provide an age verified solution to players that complain that their servers are full of 12-yr olds.  In addition it plays into our goals of MoP to get the players out of the cities to explore the world and each other rather than just inns and the Deeprun Tram.

Insider sources also reviewed that the introduction of this new server type is the reason for the delay in updating the character models.  “We had basically finished all the new character models when the dev team came up with the idea for the Adult Roleplay servers.  I mean there would be no point in introducing the new character models if we didn’t have the animations to support it.  In addition we found that we could integrate a lot of the work we had done for the dance studio if we added a pole.”  The insider confirms that the “naked” pandaren image seen above was from a earlier build, with more “fur” options in the newer models.

As with all new WoW mechanics we want to start small and maybe relax the rules later.  If successful, we could see expanding to include “adult” roleplay transmog sets as rewards for PVE-Adult scenarios, short encounters for 3-5 players without the need for a “tank” or “healer” so players can hop in and out with quicker queues.

Unfortunately we could not get a release date for the new server type, but were assured that they are working hard to have the feature ready for the launch of MoP or Soon™ after.


Quick Shot – Gnome Bowling in Uldum

Quick Shot – A column sharing pictures, screenshots and photos related to WoW.

One of my favorite quests in Uldum ends with a fantastic vehicle sequence in which you ride a fusion core to “eliminate” infected gnomes.  There is a great Katamari feel to the whole quest and who can resist mowing down tons of gnomes.  It is second only to the gut spliting humor of the previous quest to “hack” the Gibson supercomputer.

Quick Shot – Charging without Moving

Quick Shot – A column sharing pictures, screenshots and photos related to WoW.

Just a quick one, I was running HoL on Paia today with a good grp and we were just whizzing through the instance.  We were running through the final stretch when I get knocked back by one of the Titanium Vanguards, the big guys with poison spears.  But he didn’t actually move to hit me, I just flew back while he stood still.  Not an unheard of glitch, but it did spark some amusing party chat.  A fun chuckle.

Quick Shot – Glutt the Battle Mage

Quick Shot – A column sharing pictures, screenshots and photos related to WoW.

I am usually a nice guy, but sometimes you see the worse players ever and just feel compelled to call them out, its mean but I’m going to do it here.  Glutt the mage, you define epic fail.  Its bad enough seeing characters with good gear, ungemmed, unenchanted, or players using PVP gear for PVE.  But this mage took it to a whole new level, not only did he commit the sins mentioned above, but he was also gemming attack power as a mage…

When you gear this badly you send a clear message, I don’t care enough to try, and I just want to be carried through the game.  I hope some day I’ll see ole Glutt downing Deathwing and say to myself I knew him back then.

What In-game references do you want to see in Cataclysm?

I have been looking at all the leaked images of cataclym and dreaming about all the cool movie/tv and pop culture references we might see in cataclysm.  With the major water theme in some of the zones, I hope to see some kinds of Little Mermaid related quest, maybe a quest to help a Naga siren get her voice back or save a red crab named Sebastian from a cooking pot.  More after the break.

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Quick Shot – Sudden Death

Quick Shot – A column sharing pictures, screenshots and photos related to WoW.

I was looking through my old screenshots and came across this one.  This is really old, back in Burning Crusade when you would suffer through PVP even if you didn’t like it so you could get the weapons and gear for entry level raiding as it was much better than heroic dungeon loot.  So you grinded BGs for the armor and did Arena for some of the better pieces.  This was Phryne the Rogue and my Friend Blurbaby the mage in a 2v2 match.  We largely sucked but hey, so did this team.  I died early just as Blurbaby took down  opposing Warrior.  The two mages duked it out and finally simultaneously killed each other!  We got no points and it ended in a draw.  A fond memory, remembered.

Quick Shot – Need Moar Warlocks!

Quick Shot – A column sharing pictures, screenshots and photos related to WoW.

While this is a cropped screenshot, I swear it really happened.  I was doing VOA 25 on my Paladin and this was what Toravon dropped.  It was too bad we only had two Warlocks.  It felt like an Oprah Winfrey special.  “You get, a pair of Warlock gloves!  And you get a pair of Warlock gloves!  Everybody gets a pair of Warlock gloves!”  And emm yeah, my Warlock still needs those. ROFL.

= Instant Kick

I was doing the Vault of Archevon (VOA) today and as usual there were a few stranglers who waited until the last minute to get to Vault, and some who were asking for “summon plz” even though they were in Dalaran; nothing new so far.  Most of the raid is assembled and we decide to start clearing the trash mobs.  We are almost to Toravon when we notice that one Retribution paladin is still in Dalaran.  Then he says over raid chat, “how do you get to VOA?”  I think the raid did a collective double take before the stream of “wtf”, “you’re kidding right” and “lol”.  I typed in chat “that question = instant kick right?” which prompted several affirmative responses.  We never did kick him and he finally made it to VOA after we downed Toravon while we were clearing trash for Koralon.  It got me thinking, what are other things that just warrant an instant kick? My personal list after the break.

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