Mists of Pandaria Beta Tester FAQ

Just got into the Beta and not sure where to start or what to expect?  Check out the FAQ after the break.  It answers a lot of the common questions I see in Stormwind general chat.

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Quick shot – New Race Specific Paladin Mounts

Quick Shot – A column sharing pictures, screenshots and photos related to WoW.

The Shattering brought new awesome race specific mounts for Dreanai, Great Exarch’s Elekk and for the new Tauren paladins – Great Sunwalker Kodo.


Pimp My UI – 10 Quality of Life Addons

Antagonist on Blue Drake

Antagonist on Blue Drake

Pimp My UI is a column about WoW addons.  Personalize and upgrade your user interface with the addons reviewed here.

Today we’re going to to take a look at a bunch of little addons that just make your life a little easier when playing the game.  A little of everything from a random mount addon to various time savers are included.  Most of them have no configuration and work straight out of the box.  The micro-reviews after the break.

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New Refer a Friend Reward Active – X-53 Mount

The new refer a friend mount the X-53 Touring Rocket was added on Tuesday and is now active.  Zarhym posted on the official forums to remind players of the change.  Its an exciting new mount as it is the first two-seater flying mount in the game, something Ghostcrawler had promised we would see when questioned a few months ago in a developer chat.  I just tried it out in-game from a passenger point of view, a brief FAQ after the break.

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The Pony Promised

Celestial Steed

You have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the new Celestial Steed mount that has appeared in WoW.  This awesome looking mount was first reported by mmo-champion.com and was revealed on the 15th of Apr 2010 as a purchasable mount in the Blizzard store at the princely sum of $25 USD.  While this is not the first time in-game vanity items have been offered in the Blizzard store (the Pandaren Monk and Lil KT pets were first), it is the first time a mount has been offered and is the most pricey item.  The opinions of players is decidability split into the positive and negative camps with few moderate views.  Further analysis after the break.

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