Datamined : New Server type to be Introduced in MoP

Nude Pandarian Female Model BETA

In a WoW Altoholic exclusive, datamining of the latest Mists of Pandaria beta patch has has revealed a new server type to be introduced with MoP, PVE-ARP (Adult Roleplay).

/chk SERVER_TYPE if(TRUE) PVE-ARP else()
/chk SERVER)TYPE if(TRUE) PVP (break)

With the increasing interest in Moonguard server for its Adult themed role play in the Goldshire Inn, Blizzard has decided to address and expand it user base by adding PVE- Adult Role Play servers.

Mike Morhaime(president and a co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment) was quoted as saying “It’s kind of a crazy idea, but I’m the president of the company, and I get to have some of those sometimes.”  This addresses the negative reaction to the Pet Battle system being introduced and complaints that we were abandoning our Hardcore fans and catering to a younger casual crowd.

This will provide an age verified solution to players that complain that their servers are full of 12-yr olds.  In addition it plays into our goals of MoP to get the players out of the cities to explore the world and each other rather than just inns and the Deeprun Tram.

Insider sources also reviewed that the introduction of this new server type is the reason for the delay in updating the character models.  “We had basically finished all the new character models when the dev team came up with the idea for the Adult Roleplay servers.  I mean there would be no point in introducing the new character models if we didn’t have the animations to support it.  In addition we found that we could integrate a lot of the work we had done for the dance studio if we added a pole.”  The insider confirms that the “naked” pandaren image seen above was from a earlier build, with more “fur” options in the newer models.

As with all new WoW mechanics we want to start small and maybe relax the rules later.  If successful, we could see expanding to include “adult” roleplay transmog sets as rewards for PVE-Adult scenarios, short encounters for 3-5 players without the need for a “tank” or “healer” so players can hop in and out with quicker queues.

Unfortunately we could not get a release date for the new server type, but were assured that they are working hard to have the feature ready for the launch of MoP or Soon™ after.


The Blues – Patch 4.0.3a: The Shattering of Azeroth

The Blues highlights important “blue” posts from the World of Warcraft official forums.

Patch 4.0.3a: The Shattering of Azeroth

In the frigid wastes of Northrend, the final battle against the merciless Lich King ended in victory for Azeroth’s defenders. Upon returning home, veterans of the unforgiving conflict against the Scourge were showered with praise for their valiant sacrifices, while the honorable dead were mourned. Yet as hope flared anew in the wake of the Lich King’s fall, Azeroth’s native elemental spirits grew confused and erratic, setting off a series of deadly natural disasters. Horde and Alliance leaders scrambled for clues about the troubling state of the world, but nothing could have prepared them for what was to come. 

Without warning, the corrupted Dragon Aspect, Deathwing, erupted from the stone heart of Deepholm, the domain of earth within the Elemental Plane. Jagged fissures were torn across the earth, and monstrous waves pummeled coastal regions. From Thousand Needles to the Blasted Lands, the surface of Azeroth was reforged through violent upheavals. Now, the Horde and the Alliance must defend their homes against Deathwing and his minions, burdened by the unsettling fact that the world as they know it has changed…forever.

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Elemental Invasion Phase 4 – Capitial City Invasions


Elemental Invasion - Phase 4

Elemental Invasion - Phase 4

Unless you’ve been sleeping in some Frostmourne cave, you have seen the signs that times area changing, from the rumblings that arrived with patch 4.01, the Cultists and doomsayers appearing in Ogrimmar and Stormwind.  After a series of lore quests foreshadowing the changes that will occur in The Shattering, elementals have finally turned up, spawning in rifts in Phase 3 in various quest zones and small outposts.  But not till this monday has the fight been taken to the heart of Alliance and Horde.  Elemental rifts activated by cultists are spawning in the various districts and the homelands are under attack.


I love the feel and epic nature of this pre-event, from all the cool lore about the change in Horde politics, to Varian’s stepping up to the plate to actually deal with the problems himself.  One of my favorite quests was the attempt to stop the cultists quest chain introduced in Phase 3.  The searches of citizens at the city gates just echoes the recently announced TSA security procedures instituting “rubdown” searches.

While the exact details of capital city invasions are still a mystery, here’s what we know so far:

  1. They occur roughly every 2 hours.
  2. You have 1 hour to complete the event before you fail and the elemental rifts disappear ( just like the rifts in phase 3).
  3. Rifts appear in the different capital cities and a counter at the top of the screen tells you the district being attacked and the number of rifts still active.
  4. Talk to Earthern Ring members, to receive a “totem of unbinding” that is used to free players and NPCs stunned by the elementals.  It is important use these as there is no other way to get out of the stun.
  5. Upon completion of the event, it unlocks 2 elemental rifts with a quest to kill the bosses that sent the elementals.  For example, Stormwind’s invasion unlocks the Kai’ju Gahz’rilla in Zul’Farrak and Prince Sarsarun in AQ20 encounters.  You can access them by clicking on the rifts or using the dropdown menu from the LFD tool.  These are level 80 bosses with 1.5 million hp so a bit tougher than the typical heroic boss.  The 251 purples that can be repeatly farmed as long as the rifts are up (30 mins) makes it worth it.  The 16 JP they give is also a treat.
  6. There is also a one time quest from the NPCs inside the instance.

For more information on the event, see the MMO-Champion post here :!


What’s New?

Atropos Burst

What’s New?  More like WTH Right?  I know I haven’t posted in months and there is a simple explanation for that;  I got burnt out, it was pretty sudden and I quit cold turkey.  I didn’t even log in to clear my unread mails or tell in-game friends I was going to leave.  To be honest I had no idea that I wasn’t going to log in the next day.  I just got burdened by real life and turned away from the game.

So why am I back?  I couldn’t really stay away from WoW forever.  I have been back for about a month, starting with just doing dailies and learning the new class mechanics the 4.01 brought.  I think that was what really brought me back.  I tried coming back earlier and I felt like I couldn’t really get a hang of the characters again.  But with 4.01,  It’s all new for everyone (that was not in the Beta) and it seemed like equal footing.

I think there is a classic fear with MMOs.  It feels like you can’t really step away from them.  Its like trying to come home again.  All the cool stats you once craved are gone, and the rotations you committed to muscle memory no longer work and you find yourself squinting over skill descriptions trying to figure out how they work and interact with other skills.

I am back, who knows for how long, but if you still check this blog, I’ll be posting again.  Probably not as often as I did, I am much too busy playing 🙂   But I will be writing about WoW into Cataclysm.

Pimp My UI – AVR/AVR Encounters (No Longer Street Legal)

AVR Addon

AVR Encounters

Pimp My UI is a column about WoW addons.  Personalize and upgrade your user interface with the addons reviewed here.

This is certainly a strange one, its a memorium rather than a review.  I have been working on a review for AVR when a blue post confirmed they are breaking it for 3.3.5 patch.  I guess it toed past that line of acceptability like mods like maphack and several of the “spike” hacks did for Diablo 2 and Counterstrike respectively.  Drawing mods like this are not new, but AVRs impact on raiding and ease of use is probably what got Blizzard’s attention and forced them to address matters.  However it still deserves a review and my review of the addon after the break still stands.

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What’s New?

Cataclysm Alpha Installation Screen

Cataclysm Alpha Installation Screen

Didn’t we just have one of these updates?  Yes but changes are coming to this site, again, so I thought this would be the best place to announce them.  I been doing a second pass on the way I’ve organized this site and it could do with some refinements so here are some changes that are coming up.

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What’s New?

Its the Tuesday maintenance update.  Last week was a strange one, with the announced maintance that was at the last minute changed into a limited maintenance for some realms at the last minute.  I was planning to get more done on the Blog but that derailed my plans.  On the plus side I got most of my weeklies and VOA done early.  My characters took it easy for the most part, just doing dailies and a little questing.  A nice surprise was Strand Crawler showing up for three of my alts (including Paia) in the daily fishing rewards.  By doing less raids there was still a lot of content pumped out with several addon reviews and and a good look at the profession changes coming in Cataclysm.

I spent this maintenance doing some real life stuff so not as much content as I would like, but never fear, more is in the cooker.  The big news openning this week is the annoucement of the Beta Test for the Iphone/Web Remote Auction House App.  Blurring the line between offline and online WoW life, you can now stay a competitive auctioneer even in a board meeting and sell off your crap while taking one.  I’ll have a post up on that shortly.

The Blues – Cataclysm Professions Preview

The Blues is a column with personal commentary on the “blue” posts from the World of Warcraft official forums.

Ah finally a preview on a subject I love, professions.  Today, Blizzard dropped a nice overview of profession changes and additions they have planned for Cataclysm.  Also confirmed in the post is the new rank for all professions, Illustrious Grand Master. The full blue post with commentary on each profession after the break.

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What’s New? – My UI Page Launched

I am in a spot of PVP burnout after Children’s Week.  It was a painful and stressful week trying to get the achievements done.  More on that soon when I do my Achievement Hunter follow-up post.  Between getting, stabbed, incinerated, frozen, blinded and stunned, I have been working on a new page for the blog.  I am happy to say its in a state in which I can release it.  It’s called My UI and focuses on the addons I use and how they were used to customize my user interface and make playing wow more efficient for me.  It has a general philosophy, and a full list of addons I currently use.  I plan to review all my addons and any new ones I am trying.  These reviews will be in a new column called Pimp My UI and will be linked to the addons.

So with the launch of this new page, I am going to focus a bit more on addons this week so expect to see reviews of addons and addon sites in the coming week.  There was also alot of Alpha news this week with the leaked client, check out this post for more info.  Another big tidbit released by Blizzard this week was the introduction of Real ID, a unified ID you can share with friends to track and chat with them over Blizzard games.  Cool concept, questionable implementation.  Read about that in this post.

Look forward to more good stuff this week and as always, thank you for reading.

The Blues – Missing Orphans Will Stay Missing

The Blues is a column with personal commentary on the “blue” posts from the World of Warcraft official forums.

This one actually pisses me off a little so excuse the tone.  Remember that Children’s Week bug I posted about a few days ago; where you couldn’t do the Northrend Orphan quest chain if you did it last year?  Well Blizzard said they were aware of it and yesterday came back with an update…They can’t fix for this year better luck next year.  The exact quote is “To clarify, this issue won’t be able to be resolved for Children’s Week this year. If you completed the quest previously you won’t be able to complete it again for the other pet this year.”  What I have a problem with is the short almost dismissive tone of the short update.  For all the carefully crafted statements we see on the official forums, this was disappointingly tactless.  Do we expect a fix, yes, but in lieu of that a plan for moving forward.  For example, they could announce another Children’s Week later this year like last year, or offer the pet in the mail for those that completed the quest once last year.  The latter should be a last resort.

In a related post another nasty bug related to the holiday has surfaced, where some players are not getting credit for the School of Hard Knocks achievements in Battlegrounds.  The problem is not confined to a single type of orphan and Blizzard is looking into it.  In light of all the bugs and issues, they should extend Children’s Week, after all there isn’t a another Holiday until June.  The blues posts linked after the break.

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