Mists of Pandaria Beta Tester FAQ

Just got into the Beta and not sure where to start or what to expect?  Check out the FAQ after the break.  It answers a lot of the common questions I see in Stormwind general chat.

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Quick Shot – Up!

Alliance Balloon Quest

Quick Shot – A column sharing pictures, screenshots and photos related to WoW.

Looking for something fun to do in Stormwind?  Help Yin find her lost balloons and earn a cool Alliance Balloon pet from the quest Blown Away.   A quest that reminds me of Pixar’s Up! and always brings a smile my face.

What’s New?

Its the Tuesday maintenance update.  Last week was a strange one, with the announced maintance that was at the last minute changed into a limited maintenance for some realms at the last minute.  I was planning to get more done on the Blog but that derailed my plans.  On the plus side I got most of my weeklies and VOA done early.  My characters took it easy for the most part, just doing dailies and a little questing.  A nice surprise was Strand Crawler showing up for three of my alts (including Paia) in the daily fishing rewards.  By doing less raids there was still a lot of content pumped out with several addon reviews and and a good look at the profession changes coming in Cataclysm.

I spent this maintenance doing some real life stuff so not as much content as I would like, but never fear, more is in the cooker.  The big news openning this week is the annoucement of the Beta Test for the Iphone/Web Remote Auction House App.  Blurring the line between offline and online WoW life, you can now stay a competitive auctioneer even in a board meeting and sell off your crap while taking one.  I’ll have a post up on that shortly.

The Achievement Hunter – Children’s Week

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

After i wrote my post on Alyx going after the Chef’s Hat achievement, it got me thinking that it might be nice to do a column on achievements I am pursuing, so The Achievement Hunter was born.  I am by no means a hardcore achievement hound like my friend Samandiriel who has both the Winterspring Frostsaber, Loremaster, and the Insane title.  But when there are fun rewards or titles to go for I like trying for them.  Children’s Week is upon us and I am trying to get the meta on all my alts.  No mean feat as I hate PVP and The School of Hard Knocks achievement is going to kick my ass.  More after the break .

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