The Achievement Hunter – Children’s Week Wrap Up

School of Hard Knocks Achievements

The Achievement Hunter is a column highlighting fun or interesting achievements in WoW and tips for completing them.

Children’s Week is over, thank god!  Its taken me a few days to get to writing this wrap up but I had a few things I wanted to try before I published the article, as I’ll explain below.  So how did Children’s Week go for me?  It was a mixed bag, I did achieve more than I expected but less than I hoped.  More, after the break.

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Quick Shot – Sudden Death

Quick Shot – A column sharing pictures, screenshots and photos related to WoW.

I was looking through my old screenshots and came across this one.  This is really old, back in Burning Crusade when you would suffer through PVP even if you didn’t like it so you could get the weapons and gear for entry level raiding as it was much better than heroic dungeon loot.  So you grinded BGs for the armor and did Arena for some of the better pieces.  This was Phryne the Rogue and my Friend Blurbaby the mage in a 2v2 match.  We largely sucked but hey, so did this team.  I died early just as Blurbaby took down  opposing Warrior.  The two mages duked it out and finally simultaneously killed each other!  We got no points and it ended in a draw.  A fond memory, remembered.